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Tipperary Goalkeeping Academy aims to produce international standard goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are the last line of defense, a selection of acrobatic fearless individuals who carry the hopes of their team on their shoulders. Where do these warriors learn these vital skills? The answer can be found at Tipperary Goalkeeping Academy.

Former Goalkeeper Andy Hall has dedicated himself to training the next generation of top class goalkeepers. Having played in goal for the past twenty three years, Andy knows what qualities he needs to instill during his academy. Andy was coached by some of the top professional goalkeeping coaches in England, including Bob Wilson. Andy has also identified that local football clubs do not facilitate the needs of young budding goalkeepers.


“I moved to Ireland last year with my family to work. I have seen from a far there are many football clubs in the local area but how many have the specialized training a goalkeeper requires?”

Trying to learn more about the unique needs of Tipperary based players and clubs, Andy has been working tirelessly with local clubs to find out what systems are in place for goalkeeper training. Unfortunately, there is not enough being done for goalkeepers in various clubs around the county. Andy empathised with clubs in the county as they may not have the resources which are needed.

“I have been liaising with a local manager to find out further details and understand there is great need for goalkeeper training as this is something that’s not really offered in clubs locally. This is understandable, it happens at all clubs, keepers may get 10 minuets of shooting practice and that will be it”


Playing in goal for twenty three years ensured Andy was proactive in his new venture. Andy went on to explain his new academy’s goal:

“I have therefore decided to open up a goalkeeping academy in the local area, this academy will be the hub where all local goalkeepers, boys/girls of all ages and abilities and also adults come to learn and improve their goalkeeping ability in many areas, by receiving specialised goalkeeping training. This will also be a chance for them to meet their fellow keepers and build working relationships. This is turn will benefit the local clubs to which these keepers play as they will be getting a better quality of a keeper”

“These sessions will be weekly run at a local venue which is to be confirmed later this week, I will also be able to confirm the cost but I can say this will not be a budget buster for people wanting to attend. I would encourage any goalkeeper wishing to improve to come along and be apart of the Tipperary Goalkeeping Academy”

Andy has created a Facebook paged dedicated to his Academy and would encourage people to view this and like the page. It will be updated regularly with comments/pictures/videos of games and training sessions for peoples viewing. If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact Andy via the Academy Facebook page.

Tipperary Goalkeeping Academy Facebook – Click HERE