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The IFA National Treasurer Jer Bergin has been elected National Chairman of IFA to lead the Association until the election of a new President is completed. He was elected unanimously by the Executive Council of the Irish Farmers’ Association last night.  IFA Deputy President Tim O’Leary had decided he would not continue to carry out the functions of President because he is a declared candidate in that election.


The Executive Council will meet on Tuesday 5th January 2016 to decide on the timing for the election of President.


The Executive Council has welcomed in principle the Review carried out by its former Chief Economist Con Lucey, describing it as an important blueprint for the future of the IFA. The Review contains a number of recommendations aimed at strengthening governance and IFA’s structures in the best interests of members.

The Review is the first step in re-building the trust of the members of the Irish Farmers’ Association.

The Con Lucey recommendations will be debated at each of the Association’s 29 County Executives.  An Implementation Committee will be drawn up by the Executive Council to consider the views of the County Executives and the 250 submissions that have been made, as well as any fresh proposals that come from members.

The Implementation Committee will bring these back to the Executive Council for debate, decision and implementation in 2016.

IFA is committed to acting on the Review carried out by Con Lucey, who was warmly thanked by the Executive Council for completing the Review in a short space of time.