Semple Stadium Omitted From RWC Bid

Tipperary TDs are questioning the IRFU’s decision to omit the historic Semple Stadium from the list of grounds put forward to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Labour TD Alan Kelly has been left perplexed at the omission, stating that it doesn’t add up, while Fianna Fáil TD Jackie Cahill as expressed his disappointment.
County board secretary Tim Floyd has explained that the IRFU decision would have been made based on geographical and strategic reasons, citing disappointment but also explaining that they had little control over the decision. He has also shared that the IRFU did visit the stadium twice, and were happy with the facilities and infrastructure there.
Cahill has stated that it’s the lack of accommodation nearby that is the root of the omission, but still questions the decision, stating that Thurles is within three miles of the motorway. He has also asked how Thurles was omitted, while Killarney’s stadium which is smaller and further away from the capital has been included.
Killarney’s Fitzgerald stadium will have worked carried out to revamp the venue, upgrading the terracing and seating.