Russians commanding ‘discipline’ in Tipperary!


Two Russians having been the driving force of gymnastics in Tipperary recently.  Coaches Andrei Chuhai and Natasha Chuhai have seen the Midlands Gymnastic Club go from strength to strength on their watch.

Andrei, a former Russian soldier told Tipperary Times’ Dave O’Grady that Natasha’s dream has brought them to where they are today.

“Natasha is a former Russian Olympic Gymnast and it has always been her dream to start a gymnastics club in Ireland. She has been able to pass on her knowledge and experience to the kids”.


The club has seen a huge rise in membership since they moved to the Nenagh Brickfields site and Andrei feels that the kid’s enjoyment is the key to their success.  

“We teach the kids from the very start, we give them the foundations. We start from flexibility and go from there. Soon enough, it’s less difficult and they really enjoy it. Word of mouth has really helped us. They are having such a good time and telling their friends about it. We are also very happy with the local community. People from different sporting backgrounds are getting involved, which is great.”

Andrei also believes that Ireland could see success at international level in the near future.

“It’s growing for sure. Already, Ireland is starting to compete very well at the European Championships so the future is bright!”

Listen to Dave O’Grady’s full interview with Andrei Chuhai below:

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