Lowry Raises Issue of Pandemic Payment for Carers with Ministers

Having been contacted by a large number of angry and disappointed Home Care
Workers on Wednesday, following the announcement of the Payment to
Frontline Healthcare Staff, Deputy Lowry spoke with An Tanaiste, the Minister for
Health and the Minister for Public Expenditure to relay the feeling of Home Care
staff who feel both under-valued and insulted that they have been excluded from
receiving financial recognition for their contribution.
‘I have been contacted by many Home Carers workers, and other health workers
who were redeployed to higher risk settings, who made a contribution above and
beyond their normal work during the Pandemic. Many were confused as to
whether they would be included in the €1000 payment, while others were angry
at the realisation that they were excluded’ says Deputy Lowry.
‘I fully appreciate that Home Care workers played a vital role in caring for people
in their homes during the Pandemic. They carry out this crucial work every day,
seven days a week and their work means that many people in various
circumstances get to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.
Throughout the Pandemic this has never been more vital. Home Care workers are
‘The decision was made by Cabinet that public sector frontline health staff who
work in clinical settings will get the payment. Cleaners and porters who work on
the Covid wards are also be included as are Private Nursing Homes, Hospices,
Defence Forces Personnel who work on site in Testing Centres, Health Workers
who ran the Vaccine Centres and those working with swabs laboratories. I will
continue to make a case for Community Home Care Workers and others whose
everyday jobs were changed during Pandemic to meet needs that arose, in
recognition of the role they have played and continue to play’ said Deputy Lowry.