hurling on horseback

‘Hurling on horseback’ making waves in Tipperary

hurling on horseback

If you can ride a horse and wave a stick, then Polocrosse is the game for you! That’s the views of Connor English, PRO for the Tipperary Polocrosse Club. The hybrid combination of Polo and Lacrosse is sweeping its way across the Premier County.

This week, Connor told Dave O’Grady of the Tipperary Times that more hurlers are naturally taking to the sport all the time in Tipperary.

“It has really taken off here. It has been described as Hurling on horseback and people in Tipperary are well suited to it. In particular, those from a hurling background can pick it up straight away due to their hand-eye coordination. Having those ball skills make them naturals at Polocrosse”, he said.

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Polocrosse was only introduced into Ireland in the 1990’s but has now been recognised by the Pony Club as a horse sport and this has been key in attracting more young people to the sport. Connor also reveals that it was initially difficult to get the sport accepted by both the Polo and Lacrosse sporting bodies.

“At the beginning, they were quite standoffish. Some didn’t think the two could mix, but a lot of people from the Polo community seen how the sport was so engaging and they have supported it”, Connor said.

There are big plans ahead for the sport with Ireland hoping to take part in the Polocrosse World Cup in South African and Connor is working to see the sport feature in more equestrian events here in Ireland.

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