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Huge Boost for Tipperary Sport

Personally, I am never one to pay much attention to politics or let the goings on in the Dáil or local councils affect me too much.  I don’t have a favorite political party that I go out of my way to support or get riled up when other spectators or followers start preaching.  I read and watch enough in the papers and news programmes to keep me up to date and able to hold a conversation and share my opinions when I feel the need to share them during important events.  I do feel strongly about voting and am of the opinion that everyone who has the right to vote should do so, it’s what our fore-fathers fought for all those years ago and it’s what most of the history of our fine Country of Ireland is based around.

Alan Kelly

In my first week of being part of Tipperary Times, I haven’t made a switch from Sport to Politics; my introduction is mainly to give an indication to my political opinions or lack thereof.  This is one of those rare times that I am going to pipe up about and share my views on politics but with Sport the main topic of course.

99.9% of most political campaigns are made up and consist of statements like ‘I promise that’ or ‘I guarantee this’, which is one of the main reasons I switch off from the whole thing, but when these promises are followed through with and a genuine effort made to give support to certain projects, this is when, I feel credit must be given where credit is due.

Last Thursday morning (3rd July 2014), the day before he was announced as the new Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, our fellow Tipperary native, Minister Alan Kelly proudly announced on his Facebook page that 36 different sports clubs (listed below) in a variety of different codes were awarded funding under the Sports Capital grants.

Minister Kelly didn’t take credit for all of different grants awarded but had huge influence in much of the funding awarded, which is fantastic for the progression and development of Sport in Tipperary.

I am delighted that so many clubs across the county across many different codes got funding under the Sports Capital grants. I was glad to be able to support many of their applications.”

In total there was €1.215m allocated in Sports Capital Grants in Tipperary.  It is a breath of fresh air to see politicians walking the walk as well as talking the talk, and in fairness to Minister Kelly, when he says he is going to do something he generally produces the goods.


Politics is a tough game and I’m sure there are possibly 36 more clubs that might have missed out on grants this time and may be cursing Minister Kelly but that’s the rough and tumble of a life in Politics.

In his new position of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, hopefully this means that Minister Kelly will have the power to help more clubs and organisations to grow and develop from strength to strength and provide both the young and old with plenty of sporting and recreational activities in Tipperary.

Arra Rovers €8,000

Ballingarry GAA Club €30,000

Ballypatrick Sports Centre €12,000

Birdhill Community & Recreation €70,000


Blackcastle Templemore HARPS (aka BT €50,000 HARPS)

Borrisoleigh GAA Club €80,000

Canon Hayes Community Recreation €60,000

Centre Ltd.

Carrick United AFC ITD €30,000

Cashel Boxing Club €16,000

County Tipperary Lawn tennis club €30,000

Cullen-Lattin AFC €50,000

Drangan Community Centre Ltd €26,000

Durlas Og €20,000

Emly GAA Club €17,000

Golden Kilfeacle GAA €100,000

Knockshegowna GAA Longhouse Committee €7,000

Nenagh Ormond RFC €8,000

Newport Town AFC €12,000

Portroe Camogie Club €10,000

Portroe GAA €15,000

Rosanna Lawn Tennis Club €100,000

Roscrea hurling club €45,000

Roscrea Tennis Club €20,000

Sean Treacys GAA Club €35,000

Silvermines GAA Club €70,000

St John the Baptist BNS €13,000

St. Joseph CBS & Nenagh Olympic Athletic Club €55,854

St Nicholas Boxing club €21,000

St. Paul’s Boxing Club €3,500

Templemore Athletic Club €50,000

Tipperary Education and Training Board €120,000

Tipperary Town Football Club €15,000

Tipperary Wheelers Cycling & Triathlon Club €4,000

There were also allocations of €90,000 for Ballina/Killaloe Sports & Community Facilities Development, and €100,000 for both Tipperary County Board for the Development of Morris Park and LIT Tipperary GAA Club for their sports Centre.