Pearl Sheehan Irish Red Cross Clonmel

Clonmel Red Cross volunteer shortlisted for Irish Red Cross National Volunteer of the year Award

Pearl was nominated for the award by fellow Clonmel member & National Board member Darren Ryan.

In his nomination, Darren describes Pearl as being someone who reflects the founding principle of the Red Cross, humanity. Pearl has been a member of the Clonmel Branch of the Red Cross since 2008, during that time she has held the position of Secretary, Vice Chairperson & is currently serving as Chairperson of the Branch, Pearl also represents the Branch at Area Level.

Through Pearls stewardship, Clonmel Red Cross has grown from strength to strength, with the latest achievement being the launch of their new 181 ambulance.

As well as being a Red Cross volunteer, Pearl is also heavily involved in the wider community life of Clonmel and is always there to give a hand when needed.

The winner of the award will be announced on Saturday at a ceremony in Croke Park.

Speaking following confirmation of Pearl’s nomination, Branch Secretary Darren Ryan expressed congratulations on behalf of all Clonmel members to Pearl, “ knowing Pearl, I know this is the last thing she would want, she goes about her work with us in a very discreet way and is always first at hand to assist with any Red Cross event, we wish her the very best of luck on Saturday.”