Tipperary 2-14 Limerick 1-23 – As it Happened

FULL TIME Limerick 1-23 v Tipperary 2-14 – Limerick celebrate as Tipperary falter. An experimental midfield and selection ultimately wasn’t enough to challenge Limerick. Tipp were not their fluid self. Hit and hope shots rather than having any sort of plan resulted in the young team being badly exposed. This means a lot to Limerick, but will leave many questions for Tipp to answer.

73:00 Limerick 1-23 v Tipperary 2-14 – Writing on the wall. Limerick taking pot shots, as good as a score as they run down the clock. Hail Mary stuff now for Tipp. Bonner Maher with a chance but it’s into the side netting

71:00 Limerick 1-23 v Tipperary 2-14 – Tipp playing for a goal but not happening. Limerick with men behind the ball. Just 4 minutes left.

69:00 Limerick 1-23 v Tipperary 2-14 – The Limerick fans are celebrating. A grandstand finish needed for Tipp, but with Byrnes standing over a free, with a 75 yard free, you know it’s not Tipps day.

GOAL: 67:00 Limerick 1-22 v Tipperary 2-14 – Murphy breaking Tipp hearts after 1 on 1 with Hogan for a calmly taken goal. 5 points the difference.

66:00 Limerick 0-22 v Tipperary 2-14 – Free to Tipp after foul on Noel McGarth. Forde puts it over.

65:00 Limerick 0-22 v Tipperary 2-13 – More broken play and Hegarty finds his range with another point. Tipp need to find any gear beyond first. Fragmented play at best at the moment. Bonner on for McCarthy

63:00 Limerick 0-21 v Tipperary 2-13 – Tipp still not firing on all cylinders. 65 to Limerick and Byrnes is standing over it again. The Patrickswell man puts it over the bar

61:00 Limerick 0-20 v Tipperary 2-13 – Cian Lynch with a great score in the longest period of unbroken play. Ryan on now for Flanagan for Limerick

59:00 Limerick 0-19 v Tipperary 2-13 – Sides level again as Gillane points again. Alan Flynn looks a bit uncomfortable.

58:00 Limerick 0-18 v Tipperary 2-13 – After a good while without a score, Noel McGrath puts Tipp back in the lead

56:00 Limerick 0-18 v Tipperary 2-12 – Casey on for Hickey for Limerick. Sideline to Tipp is poor but they have another chance. Noel McGrath lets Bubbles try but he misses too. Limerick looking a bit more cautious now under pressure. Ronan Maher also can’t get another sideline up. Conditions at play.

54:00 Limerick 0-18 v Tipperary 2-12 – The hardy Borris man is up and we’re back under way. Mulcahy and Morrissey off for Limerick. We didn’t catch who came on

52:00 Limerick 0-18 v Tipperary 2-12 – It seems both teams have suddenly woken up. Seamie Callanan on for Sean Curran. Brendan Maher on the ground still. Referee stops the clock

GOAL: 50:00 Limerick 0-18 v Tipperary 2-12 – Long ball goes in and breaks to an on rushing Jason Forde who buries it in the back of the net, super goal

48:00 Limerick 0-18 v Tipperary 1-12 – A slippy ball goes wide off Hogan and a 65 to Limerick. Byrne’s with his first long range effort. No hassle for the Limerick man, but we might question if the ball was actually a 65 at all.

46:00 Limerick 0-17 v Tipperary 1-12 – Hegarty with a super point. Found space and found his range. Tipp back down the pitch but Noel McGrath misses for Tipps 9th wide. Limerick with 8 wides.

45:00 Limerick 0-16 v Tipperary 1-12 – Gillane pulled down by O’Brien. This is a game of free’s. Gillane puts it over in what really is a poor game

44:00 Limerick 0-15 v Tipperary 1-12 – Bubbles with his first point of the game. Level again. Ball back down the pitch

43:00 Limerick 0-15 v Tipperary 1-11 – Donagh Maher being replaced by Sean O’Brien.

41:00 Limerick 0-15 v Tipperary 1-11 – Morrissey scores a super point from Tipp failing to clear their lines. Tipp not making it easy for themselves

40:00 Limerick 0-14 v Tipperary 1-11 – Great catch by McCormack but he’s fouled for another free. Jason Forde taps the resulting free over the bar

39:00 Limerick 0-14 v Tipperary 1-10 – Another free to Limerick. Not a whole pile in it, with the ground slippy now under foot. Doesn’t bother Gillane who puts the ball over the bar

38:00 Limerick 0-13 v Tipperary 1-10 – Gillane puts a free over the bar after Tipp were penalised for holding.

37:00 Limerick 0-12 v Tipperary 1-10 – Gillane puts a free wide after Pauric Maher was pulled up for steps

36:00 Limerick 0-12 v Tipperary 1-10 – Noel McGrath to Dan McCormack who puts the ball wide. It would have been easier to score, bad miss from Tipp

35:00 Limerick 0-12 v Tipperary 1-10 – We’re back underway, lets hope for a better second half. Rain has arrived, hopefully it will pass over fairly quickly.

Half Time Analysis – This won’t go down as a classic Munster Championship game so far. Both teams are cagey with Limerick getting the upper hand. Tipp are kept in the game by Limerick conceding poor free’s, and by Limerick lacking conviction in front of goal. This isn’t the flying start to the new look Munster Championship which many were hoping for.

HALF TIME Limerick 0-12 v Tipperary 1-10 – Free to Tipp as a result of a bad ball by Hannon. Limerick put themselves under pressure, Jason Forde with another free. Limerick challenge the position, but Forde puts it over for his 7th point. The referee blows the half time whistle on what is ultimately a poor first half, and one Tipp will need to reflect on

34:30 Limerick 0-12 v Tipperary 1-09 – From the puckout, the ball finds O’Donovan and he splits the post. Are the Tipp forwards working hard enough?

34:30 Limerick 0-12 v Tipperary 1-09 – From the puckout, the ball finds O’Donovan and he splits the post. Are the Tipp forwards working hard enough?

33:30 Limerick 0-11 v Tipperary 1-09 – Another foul by Limerick and another free for Jason Forde. Tipp being kept in it by a poor Limerick defence

32:30 Limerick 0-11 v Tipperary 1-08 – Kyle Hayes to Mulcahy, and over the bar. Limerick forwards are scoring from play

31:30 Limerick 0-10 v Tipperary 1-08 – Difficult free for Jason Forde from the left side, but he finds his range. Excellent score.

29:30 Limerick 0-10 v Tipperary 1-07 – Noel McGrath gets us level for the 8th time with a tasty point. No consistency from Tipp, but we’re still level

29:00 Limerick 0-10 v Tipperary 1-06 – Flanagan scores an excellent score from a super sideline cut. Tipp at 6s and 7s at the minute. Limerick on top

28:30 Limerick 0-09 v Tipperary 1-06 – Criminal defence from Tipp. Leave Mulcahy alone who finds Lynch who levels again

27:30 Limerick 0-08 v Tipperary 1-06 – John McGrath finds the centre of the bar from the tightest of angles and scores a point

25:30 Limerick 0-08 v Tipperary 1-05 – Fast and furious here, but the ball finds its way to Gillane again. Having a great game, he finds himself a couple of yards and levels again for Limerick

24:30 Limerick 0-07 v Tipperary 1-05 – We’re back down for another free to Tipp. Game is broken up, but that doesn’t deter Jason Forde. The Silvermines man puts it over the bar

23:30 Limerick 0-07 v Tipperary 1-04 – The puck out finds Tom Morrissey who is under pressure from the Tipp backs but he nips around and finds an angle to score. We’re level again

22:30 Limerick 0-06 v Tipperary 1-04 – It’s getting physical here in Limerick. A challenge goes in and free to Tipp. Jason Forde adds to his tally and Tipp are back in the lead

21:30 Limerick 0-06 v Tipperary 1-03 – Mulcahy twists and weaves and levels the scores with a stylish point

20:30 Limerick 0-05 v Tipperary 1-03 – Gillane with this 3rd free. Just the point between them

GOAL: 19:30 Limerick 0-04 v Tipperary 1-03 – Some hectic play and Tipp pressing on. Dan McCormack puts the ball in the back of the net. Limerick get on with it and in a free just in front of the Tipp goal. Gillane steps over it

17:00 Limerick 0-04 v Tipperary 0-03 – Gillane with a free for Limerick

16:00 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-03 – Brian Hogan on his first start for Tipp makes a super save from Hegarty. Super reactions by Hogan

15:00 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-03 – Forde with a free for what is Tipp’s first score in 10 minutes. Morrissey with his second wide from the puck out for Limerick. Limerick may well rue these missed chances

13:30 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-02 – Play gets going with a throw in, ball reaches Noel McGrath but it’s wide. Followed by a terrible wide from Limerick. 4 wides now from Limerick in very good positions. Tipperary aren’t in the game yet, and scoreline doesn’t do Limerick justice

12:00 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-02 – Free to Tipp, but there’s a Limerick player down. Referee is down talking to the umpires. Tipp man could be in trouble here. John McGrath the guilty man, and gets a yellow card

10:30 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-02 – Ronan Maher fires a sideline just wide

08:30 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-02 – Free in to Limerick. Tipp aren’t firing yet. Looks like the free was a little harsh from the ref. Gillane puts it wide

08:30 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-02 – Free in to Limerick. Tipp aren’t firing yet. Looks like the free was a little harsh from the ref. Gillane puts it wide

07:00 Limerick 0-03 v Tipperary 0-02 – Mulcahy scores a great point from the puck-out. He’s a man who looks on form today.

05:30 Limerick 0-02 v Tipperary 0-02 – Jason Forde points a central free. We’re all square again

04:30 Limerick 0-02 v Tipperary 0-01 – Mulcahy puts it over after some scrappy play from both teams

02:30 Limerick 0-01 v Tipperary 0-01 – John McGrath with an immediate response in an opening two minutes

02:00 Limerick 0-01 v Tipperary 0-00 – Free to Limerick, Gillane  puts it over

0:00 Limerick 0-00 v Tipperary 0-00 And we’re off here in Limerick for Tipperary against Limerick in this new round robin format Munster Championship