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The Labour party conference the comedy festival that kept on giving


By Cllr Seamus Morris

Labours conference at the weekend was reminiscent of a Comedy festival that kept on giving in terms of laughs as the weekend grew longer.

The Labour annual conference last weekend was an insult to people who have had their homes and businesses destroyed by this Governments addiction to the Austerity programme planned and executed by the oligarchs who run Europe .

The audacious attempt the pretend to the electorate that the country is recovering and that Labour were at the helm of that recovery is indeed a sick joke being played on the people of Tipperary who have seen service after service ripped out of the county .

It is particularly a sick joke to the people lying on trolleys in our A and Es with no dignity shown to them and less proper care . In fact just a few weeks ago those same people on Trolleys had to be hidden in case the Photo Opportunity for minister Leo Vradker would be spoiled as he made his way to get a photograph taken at the UNOPENED medical care unit.

To the fore of the comedy festival was our own Alan Kelly who is now going to save a party he so carefully destroyed in his home county with only a loyal rent a crowd following him around the county for photo opportunities.  The man that was Going to save the Garth Brooks concerts , get rid of Homelessness in Dublin before Christmas was now going to save the Labour party from extinction and also stop the rise and rise of rents as he watches over the repossession of family home after family home.

The final kick in the teeth which showed the  lack of  effectiveness of the Labour party in Government was Brendan Howlins assertion that he was sorry that he allowed the closing down of Town Councils which to me is the biggest attack on local democracy ever foisted on the people of Ireland and will save not one red cent  but will see millions of euros that would normally have been invested in our towns wasted on Irish Water and bondholder debt.

As I write this I am listening to Pat Spillane talk about yet another Government quango which has been set up to save rural Ireland 4 years after our local TDs were elected in Tipperary to represent rural Ireland . This just about sums up this Government too little too late and the people are waiting to exact revenge at the upcoming elections.


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