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Smith and Ambrose added to Fianna Fáil general election ticket


Fianna Fail are now running 3 candidates in the next General Election. Cllr Smith and Cllr Ambrose were added to the party ticket in Tipperary and Fianna Fáil are now believed to be targeting two seats in the constituency.

Tipperary Times last night learned that the Fianna Fáil Party HQ wanted to include Siobhán Ambrose and Michael Smith alongside Jackie Cahill who had already been chosen at a selection convention in Thurles at the end of May.


The addition may well be seen as a controversial move as there is still some tension within Fianna Fáil ranks, however one cannot doubt the work rate and energy of Cllr Smith. Given the new constituency, it was felt that candidates based in strategic locations would provide much needed votes.


Cllr Siobhan Ambrose has been added for both geographical and gender balance. Cllr Ambrose has been active since her election to Tipperary County Council and will feel she may have a chance to claim a second seat for Fianna Fáil as the only candidate in South Tipperary



Now with a geographical spread reaching across the county, it will be interesting to see if Fianna Fáils strategy bears fruit in a constituency where they would have returned 3 out of 6 TD’s in years gone by.




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