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Roscrea to have Ireland’s largest selfie


Redmonds of Roscrea and our colleagues over at The Finest are hosting Ireland’s largest selfie. This special event takes place this Saturday June 6th in the courtyard of the 800 year old Roscrea Castle.

Speaking to the editor of The Finest this morning, we asked James Williams why this event had been organised. The local publisher stated “Roscrea is a great Irish town with a rich and vibrant history. Roscrea is also the third oldest market town in Ireland, a little known fact outside Tipperary. Rural Ireland isn’t getting the positivity it deserves and Roscrea, like many towns across middle Ireland, is a fantasic place and its high time everyone knew about it”.

“This town has been here for more than 800 years and I think that’s something that deserves to be celebrated. We’ve worked really hard to get permission from the OPW (Office of Public Works) to do this, because, to be frank, no one can just invite a whole town into the courtyard of a 800 year-old castle for a photo.

“The people of Tipperary are spread out across Ireland, and this is just a small way of reminding them where they’ve come from. If they can, we’d love to get them home for this day as it will mean a lot of be part of something that will last for hundreds of years, just like [Roscrea]  itself.”
A ‘Portrait of Roscrea’ is being sold as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” for rural Ireland to show the rest of the country how strong their community spirit is.

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The event aims to be the first ever group portrait of an entire Irish town and its residents.
Admission is free, and the organisers have requested that on the day no flags or banners be brought to the castle grounds, though they do welcome club tops, school uniforms, or anything that might express local pride.

While intended to showcase the people of Roscrea, all were welcome to take part at the event this Saturday at 11am.


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