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Moloneys sign language motion carried

A motion by Clonmel Cllr Andy Moloney before the February meeting of Tipperary County Council to have some members of staff trained in sign language was received with the full support of the Chambers.


Last year Moloney had looked for the government to recognise ISL (Irish sign language) as an official language went a step further today in requesting the Nenagh and Clonmel offices to seek interest from members of staff to train in ISL so that the facility to communicate in this manner would be available if required.

Over 5000 deaf people use ISL on a daily basis and 20,000 hearing people use it frequently. However, for deaf ISL users, access to public or vital services is often severely compromised, intentionally or not.

Cllr Moloney said that all members were in favour of the move and Tipperary County Council will now seek to identify interested staff members in this regard and provide appropriate training.

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