Tipperary Hoteliers Welcome Fine Gael’s Commitment to Tipperary Tourism – Coonan

Fine Gael candidate Noel Coonan has warmly greeted Tipperary Hoteliers’s statement today welcoming Fine Gael’s commitment to ensuring tourism remains at the heart of our economic policy during the lifetime of the next Government.

“The Tipperary tourism sector has played a crucial role in the Irish economic recovery. Underpinned by strategic decisions, such as the zero-rated travel tax and the introduction of a special 9% VAT rate, tourism has thrived in Tipperary.

Candidate Coonan continued: “During a second term of government, I will work towards achieving the ambitious tourism policy goals that we have set for 2025. These include increasing revenue from overseas visitors to €5bn, growing employment in the tourism sector to 250,000 and increasing the number of visits to Ireland to 10 million.

“If re-elected I will continue to maintain the 0% rate to ensure Ireland remains an attractive destination for tourists. I will do more to market Tipperary as an all-year-round destination and Fine Gael will work closely with Fáilte Ireland and Tourism Ireland to make this happen.

“Following on from the highly successful year of The Gathering in Tipperary, we will hold a successor to The Gathering in 2019,” concluded Noel.