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Tipperary General Election Tallies – GE2020




Candidate Party Total %
Garret Ahern FG 1395 6.81%
Martin Brown SF 2728 13.32%
Dolores Cahill IND 159 0.78%
Jackie Cahill FF 2187 10.68%
Sandra Farrell FF 573 2.80%
Imelda Goldsboro FF 1099 5.37%
Joe Hannigan IND 711 3.47%
Seamus Healy IND 1550 7.57%
Alan Kelly Lab 1873 9.15%
Michael Lowry IND 3572 17.45%
Mattie McGrath IND 2474 12.08%
Mary Newman Julian FG 1313 6.41%
Rob O’Donnell GP 784 3.83%
Marese Skehan IND 55 0.27%


Candidate Party Thurles
Garret Ahern FG 105
Martin Brown SF 294
Dolores Cahill IND 43
Jackie Cahill FF 832
Sandra Farrell FF 61
Imelda Goldsboro FF 230
Joe Hannigan IND 38
Seamus Healy IND 35
Alan Kelly Lab 171
Michael Lowry IND 1411
Mattie McGrath IND 108
Mary Newman Julian FG 197
Rob O’Donnell GP 121
Marese Skehan IND 5


Candidate Party Templemore
Garret Ahern FG 102
Martin Brown SF 264
Dolores Cahill IND 19
Jackie Cahill FF 239
Sandra Farrell FF 99
Imelda Goldsboro FF 59
Joe Hannigan IND 100
Seamus Healy IND 41
Alan Kelly Lab 149
Michael Lowry IND 537
Mattie McGrath IND 46
Mary Newman Julian FG 70
Rob O’Donnell GP 29
Marese Skehan IND 2


Candidate Party Newport
Garret Ahern FG 16
Martin Brown SF 53
Dolores Cahill IND 1
Jackie Cahill FF 74
Sandra Farrell FF 41
Imelda Goldsboro FF 1
Joe Hannigan IND 21
Seamus Healy IND 2
Alan Kelly Lab 235
Michael Lowry IND 115
Mattie McGrath IND 11
Mary Newman Julian FG 51
Rob O’Donnell GP 54
Marese Skehan IND 0


Candidate Party Nenagh
Garret Ahern FG 53
Martin Brown SF 227
Dolores Cahill IND 11
Jackie Cahill FF 188
Sandra Farrell FF 249
Imelda Goldsboro FF 22
Joe Hannigan IND 491
Seamus Healy IND 31
Alan Kelly Lab 938
Michael Lowry IND 292
Mattie McGrath IND 28
Mary Newman Julian FG 138
Rob O’Donnell GP 67
Marese Skehan IND 2


Candidate Party Clonmel
Garret Ahern FG 539
Martin Brown SF 521
Dolores Cahill IND 31
Jackie Cahill FF 215
Sandra Farrell FF 34
Imelda Goldsboro FF 163
Joe Hannigan IND 22
Seamus Healy IND 831
Alan Kelly Lab 99
Michael Lowry IND 185
Mattie McGrath IND 680
Mary Newman Julian FG 126
Rob O’Donnell GP 148
Marese Skehan IND 30


Candidate Party Cashel
Garret Ahern FG 217
Martin Brown SF 601
Dolores Cahill IND 32
Jackie Cahill FF 364
Sandra Farrell FF 38
Imelda Goldsboro FF 45
Joe Hannigan IND 24
Seamus Healy IND 129
Alan Kelly Lab 157
Michael Lowry IND 685
Mattie McGrath IND 658
Mary Newman Julian FG 480
Rob O’Donnell GP 193
Marese Skehan IND 9


Candidate Party Carrick
Garret Ahern FG 205
Martin Brown SF 532
Dolores Cahill IND 9
Jackie Cahill FF 111
Sandra Farrell FF 42
Imelda Goldsboro FF 540
Joe Hannigan IND 6
Seamus Healy IND 342
Alan Kelly Lab 80
Michael Lowry IND 261
Mattie McGrath IND 314
Mary Newman Julian FG 182
Rob O’Donnell GP 105
Marese Skehan IND 2


Candidate Party Cahir
Garret Ahern FG 158
Martin Brown SF 236
Dolores Cahill IND 13
Jackie Cahill FF 164
Sandra Farrell FF 9
Imelda Goldsboro FF 39
Joe Hannigan IND 9
Seamus Healy IND 139
Alan Kelly Lab 44
Michael Lowry IND 86
Mattie McGrath IND 629
Mary Newman Julian FG 69
Rob O’Donnell GP 67
Marese Skehan IND 5


Candidate Party Thurles
Garret Ahern FG 69
Martin Brown SF 191
Dolores Cahill IND 18
Jackie Cahill FF 492
Sandra Farrell FF 50
Imelda Goldsboro FF 77
Joe Hannigan IND 33
Seamus Healy IND 17
Alan Kelly Lab 104
Michael Lowry IND 946
Mattie McGrath IND 71
Mary Newman Julian FG 120
Rob O’Donnell GP 69
Marese Skehan IND 0

9:54AM – Total Count from first few boxes

Candidate Party Total %
Garret Ahern FG 25 3.93%
Martin Brown SF 69 10.85%
Dolores Cahill IND 5 0.79%
Jackie Cahill FF 76 11.95%
Sandra Farrell FF 10 1.57%
Imelda Goldsboro FF 62 9.75%
Joe Hannigan IND 7 1.10%
Seamus Healy IND 24 3.77%
Alan Kelly Lab 24 3.77%
Michael Lowry IND 135 21.23%
Mattie McGrath IND 83 13.05%
Mary Newman Julian FG 89 13.99%
Rob O’Donnell GP 24 3.77%
Marese Skehan IND 3 0.47%

9:52AM – First Box from Nenagh

Candidate Party Nenagh
Garret Ahern FG 5
Martin Brown SF 5
Dolores Cahill IND 5
Jackie Cahill FF 5
Sandra Farrell FF 5
Imelda Goldsboro FF 0
Joe Hannigan IND 5
Seamus Healy IND 5
Alan Kelly Lab 3
Michael Lowry IND 5
Mattie McGrath IND 1
Mary Newman Julian FG 5
Rob O’Donnell GP 1
Marese Skehan IND 0

9:50AM – First Box from Clonmel

Candidate Party Clonmel
Garret Ahern FG 3
Martin Brown SF 6
Dolores Cahill IND 0
Jackie Cahill FF 5
Sandra Farrell FF 1
Imelda Goldsboro FF 1
Joe Hannigan IND 1
Seamus Healy IND 11
Alan Kelly Lab 5
Michael Lowry IND 4
Mattie McGrath IND 15
Mary Newman Julian FG 1
Rob O’Donnell GP 2
Marese Skehan IND 0

9:46AM – First Box from Carrick on Suir

Candidate Party Carrick
Garret Ahern FG 6
Martin Brown SF 18
Dolores Cahill IND 0
Jackie Cahill FF 11
Sandra Farrell FF 2
Imelda Goldsboro FF 55
Joe Hannigan IND 0
Seamus Healy IND 3
Alan Kelly Lab 7
Michael Lowry IND 48
Mattie McGrath IND 8
Mary Newman Julian FG 22
Rob O’Donnell GP 7
Marese Skehan IND 1

9:33AM – First tallies from Cahir

Candidate Party Cahir
Garret Ahern FG 11
Martin Brown SF 40
Dolores Cahill IND 0
Jackie Cahill FF 55
Sandra Farrell FF 2
Imelda Goldsboro FF 6
Joe Hannigan IND 1
Seamus Healy IND 5
Alan Kelly Lab 9
Michael Lowry IND 78
Mattie McGrath IND 59
Mary Newman Julian FG 61
Rob O’Donnell GP 14
Marese Skehan IND 2

9:19AM – Frantic counting, with talliers working in unison. Just to show the format we’re giving the tally’s in today:

Candidate Party Area
Garret Ahern FG
Martin Brown SF
Dolores Cahill IND
Jackie Cahill FF
Sandra Farrell FF
Imelda Goldsboro FF
Joe Hannigan IND
Seamus Healy IND
Alan Kelly Lab
Michael Lowry IND
Mattie McGrath IND
Mary Newman Julian FG
Rob O’Donnell GP
Marese Skehan IND

9:10AM – AND WE’RE OFF!! The count has started in the Presentation in Thurles!! We’ll be sharing results as we have them!!

Updates for the tally results for General Election 2020 will be updated here throughout the day.

Our team will be monitoring proceedings and ensuring that the results, and helping show who will be coming out on top to represent Tipperary in the next Dail.


Garret Ahearn (FG)
Martin Browne (SF)
Jackie Cahill (FF)
Dolores Cahill (Irish Freedom Party)
Sandra Farrell (FF),
Imelda Goldsboro (FF)
Joe Hannigan (Ind)
Séamus Healy (Ind)
Mary Newman Julian (FG)
Alan Kelly (Lab)
Michael Lowry (Ind)
Mattie McGrath (Ind)
Rob O’Donnell (GP)

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McGrath calls on political parties to form grand coalition



“The time has come to consider forming a National Government,” Mattie McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that strong consideration must be given to the idea of forming a National Government in order to avoid destabilising level of political impasse. Deputy McGrath went on to say that such arrangement could utilise the d’Hondt method as a fair means of allocating positions and seats within such a government :

“Given that we are in such unchartered territory and given the absolute necessity of ensuring we have some kind of political stability for our people, then I believe all options should be considered with respect to government formation.

The single most important objective here is that we create conditions where the needs of the people can be met.

It is time to set aside narrow political interests and to put the needs of the people first.

If that involves all parties and groupings in the Dáil compromising in order to agree a common government platform, the maybe that is something we ought to consider.

This election has sent the political class a clear message from the people; they want delivery, they want results.

We all should be courageous and imaginative enough to consider any option which will bring that about including that of a National Government,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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Lowry Welcomes Funding for Tipperary Animal Welfare Organisations



I welcome the announcement from the Department of Agriculture today that six Tipperary Animal Welfare Organisations will benefit from €86,000 between them.

Applications for 2020 funding will be open soon. All applicants must be registered with the Charities Regulator.

Cappanagarrane Horse Rescue, Mullinahone – €6,000

Great Hounds in Needs, 7 Cois Coille, Kilcash, Clonmel – €2,000

Mo Chara Animal Rescue, Ballygemmane, Thurles – €14,000

PAWS Animal Rescue, Mullinahone – €45,000

Roscrea SPCA, Roscrea – €18,000

The Haven Rescue, Tipperary, C/o 26 The Haven, Roscrea – €1,000

Funding for Animal Welfare Organisations is vital for them to continue to carry out their work.

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The people will no longer tolerate political excuses for lack of delivery – Mattie McGrath



Independent TD Mattie McGrath has warmly thanked the people of Tipperary for renewing their confidence and trust in him after he was re-elected following Saturday’s General Election. Deputy McGrath, who received 13, 064 votes in the 2016 General Election increased his vote this time around to 15, 127. Speaking after his re-election he went on to say that the outcome of the national vote was a clear and unequivocal rejection by the public of the arrogance and unwillingness of the Fine Gael and Fianna Fail to effectively respond to the core issues affecting the majority of ordinary people’s lives:

“At the outset I want to salute and warmly thank the great people of Tipperary for renewing their trust in me.

I am truly humbled by their confidence and will do everything in my power to honour the mandate they have given me by representing their interests in Dáil Eireann.

I also want to thank the amazing work of my entire campaign staff; my Campaign Manager and daughter, Triona O’Flynn, my wife Margaret and all my family and friends who have sustained me and supported me and without whom I simply could not do what I do.

They have worked tirelessly, night and day, to canvas the enormous geographical area of Tipperary and to meet the people on my behalf when I could not be there personally.

As we go forward from here, I think it is absolutely clear that politics in Ireland simply has to change.

It must re-engage with the day to day priorities of people’s lives especially around health and housing.

The government, whoever it will be, must listen and act in the people’s interest. It cannot be politics as usual once they have their feet under the Ministerial tables.

We must rid our politics of the kind of elite detachment that came to characterise the outgoing government.

We must escalate change and bring about genuine improvements in the quality of life of our people. The people are sovereign. The last government ignored that basic political reality by pushing ahead with failed policies, massive over-spends and a culture where accountability was almost completely absent.

The people have now enforced accountability upon them in the most democratic way possible.

I look forward to playing an active part in the talks that lie ahead and to advancing the interests of the people of Tipperary,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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