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| On 4 years ago

There is no basis in fact whatsoever regarding McGrath being asked to support FG – Coonan

By Press Release

I’ve received clarification from Finance Minister Michael Noonan that ‘there is no basis in fact whatsoever’ regarding these allegations about Minister Noonan. This is incorrect and based on no fact. Minister Noonan did not contact him. I have received clarification on the matter from the Minister himself and he has asked I update the matter accordingly.

Mattie’s announcement smacks of desperation and he is one of a number of candidates seeking support from Fine Gael.

The people of Tipperary deserve transparency and honesty from their public representatives in the run up to the election in two weeks time.

The people of Tipperary decide the outcome of the election. I am focused on winning two seats for Fine Gael in Tipperary and should I be successful there will be no need for support of independents whose tendency is to destabilise Government.

Press Release