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The Leaders Debate through the eyes of a sports fanatic

By Paddy Ryan

I can’t help it. At every turn in current affairs I draw comparisons to the world of sport. Watching the leaders debate last night on TV3, I could easily find myself drawing comparisons between the four parties commanders in chief with managers from the world of sport. This is my tongue-in-cheek review, but be sure to comment below and let me know what you think

Enda Kenny

Sporting Counterpart – Manuel Pellegrini

Performance on the Night

Kenny came out with all guns blazing. He was more aggressive than what people would have expected. As the debate descended into chaos, Kenny adopted a more statesman type demeanour become more reserved and calculated


While may not be the most exciting of leaders and while he might not be performing the best at the moment, you can expect him to be victorious when all is said and done

Michéal Martin

Sporting Counterpart – Jacques Brunel

Performance on the Night

A solid performance and came across as an experienced debater. He was able to articulate his points however decended into school yard type behaviour at times. If there was a winner on the night, Martin would have just tipped it. Martin however seemed to be fixed on Sinn Féin and highlight the flaws of the Sinn Féin manifesto rather than going after Fine Gael.


Much like the Italian Rugby teams coach, he might tell his charges that they will win the 6 Nations but everyone knows there isn’t the faintest of hope that they could win. Much like the Italians, he can only hope Fianna Fáil try their best and hope to get a few scalps. Going after Gerry Adams in the manner which he did would suggest he plans on being the senior partner in Opposition

Joan Burton

Sporting Counterpart – Louis van Gaal

Performance on the Night

Certainly a devisive figure, Burton seemed to hang onto the coat-tails of Kenny teaming up to deliver a series of blows to Martin and Adams. But much like the Man United boss, the potential strengths of her record such as the economy were missed as she instead congratulated Martin in what is likely to be the faux pas of the night.


No one fully knows how either one will finish. Both seem to have the executioners axe looming over their neck but both also see the glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Both are depending on some must win results over the coming weeks to be considered anything other than a failure. The weight of expectation must weigh heavily on both

Gerry Adams

Sporting Counterpart – Tim Sherwood

Performance on the Night

Without a doubt, one of the more entertaining characters in the debate. Adams was on the defensive throughout with the Special Criminal Court being a stick he was hammered with. Adams was drawn back to his colourful past but maintained composure as he looked to the future


As entertaining as Adams and Sherwood may be, extreme claims and outlandish plans will scupper their chances of gaining credibility. Out of their debt at times and trying to portray an outwardly confident persona, one suspects inside they are screaming “WHAT AM I DOING HERE”

Paddy Ryan