The Last Two Governments Cut Garda Numbers and Services and Endangered Public Safety

There is no substitute for actual Gardaí patrolling from open, staffed garda stations in rural and urban areas!

Both recent governments are responsible for cuts in garda numbers and services.

This resulted in a reduction in over 2000 gardaí since and the closure of about 130 garda stations including several in Co. Tipperary.

Five garda stations were closed in January 2013 in Co. Tipperary.

The low level of garda recruitment now in place will not even replace the number of gardaí retiring.

A loss of 44 Gardaí in Co Tipperary took place in the period from 2010-2015 alone.

All other sitting Co Tipperary TDs, without exception, except myself, supported cuts in garda services. They are all now pretending otherwise!

Don’t Believe a Word They Say!

The number of new recruits is gossly inadequate to restore the garda service and to protect the public. Multiples of this number should be immediately recruited. All retiring gardaí must be replaced. Because of the time lag between recruiting and graduating some emergency measures should be put in place.

To meet the public safety emergency, retired gardai should be offered short term re-employment on full pay and existing gardaí must be allowed to continue in office without damage to their pensions.

All the closed garda stations must be re-opened and staffed without delay.