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Property Tax Rate Increase Averted

Property tax increase disaster averted – Sinn Féin Tiobraid Árann

Sinn Féin Tipperary has lashed out the attempt to increase the Property Tax rate in County Tipperary by 10%. They say it was unjustified, and represented another hit on home-owners, and are proud Sinn Féin have done their part to block it.

On behalf of ordinary Tipperary people, the Sinn Féin councillors said: “Todays Council meeting has yielded an acceptable result for home-owners in County Tipperary. An increase in Property Tax is about the last thing that home-owners needed right now. With the leprechaun economics of a supposed 26% growth in the economy announced during the summer, it seems Tipperary County Council thinks we’ve all got pots of gold at home.”

The Council has the option of raising or lowering that tax rate by 15%, but Management wanted to increase it by 10%. Sinn Féin want to see the rate reduced. We’re glad that some in Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael didn’t support this increase. There wasn’t any justification for it, and we can be sure that people wouldn’t miraculously see a corresponding 10% increase in services.”

It’s unfair to squeeze another €1.1 million out of hard-pressed households across the county and out of local economies into the bottomless pit of Local Government.”

We were told that this increase was to fund services, but in reality 65% of the amounts raised would be used for roads. There’s no doubt that some of our roads do need more investment, but raising revenue in this way hits everyone, not just those who can afford to pay.”

One of our concerns was that the rate increase was being introduced this year by the County Manager in advance of next year’s property valuations review, meaning this percentage increase would have become an even larger financial hit on families next year.”

Greater support from Central Government, and a new tax-rate for those earning over €100,000 would contribute hugely across the county and across the State. That’s Sinn Féin policy. There has been a reduction in funds from Dublin following the merger of Tipperary councils, and to make up the difference this way is unfair on already struggling families.”

Areas like Carrick-on-Suir, Templemore and Tipperary Town would be worst hit, because those areas are already facing a rates increase to harmonise the different electoral areas.”

Sinn Féin’s policies support a tax on wealth, and not a tax on people’s homes. Such increases as this one represent another step in the wrong direction, was unfair and unjustified, and Sinn Féin is glad to have blocked it and helped keep funds in parents pockets to spend on their children.”