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| On 4 years ago

Morris questions reliability of Kelly promises

By Paddy Ryan

Sinn Féin’s Tipperary General Election candidate Cllr. Séamie Morris has followed up his recent criticism of the depths to which the Irish Health Service has been allowed to fall, by questioning whether promises from Minister Alan Kelly can be counted upon at all. He was speaking after the release of a video in which he displayed a signed promise by Alan Kelly made when Kelly was a candidate in 2011.

Cllr Morris said: “Each candidate in 2011 made a promise – in writing – to save 24-hour emergency and intensive care services at Nenagh Hospital. Among those who signed was Alan Kelly.”

This is particularly galling, as Kelly led a march of 5,000 people around Nenagh to protest against threats to services there. Yet, as soon as he was elected he made a massive U-turn. Both of those services were abandoned as soon as they were no longer convenient.”

Minister Kelly has made much of being at the top-table, but that’s of no use if he doesn’t do what he said he’d do when he gets there. It worries me that people in the southern party of the county might not know about his track record. They shouldn’t be fooled. They need to know that he has already abandoned North Tipperary people, and is unlikely to do any different in the South.”

As a warning to people in Clonmel they should know that during a radio interview last Friday Minister Kelly let slip that Labour has a two-tier approach to election promises. He said “the one promise we did make, a real promise we made, is that we would put the country into recovery” – which clearly means that there are ‘real’ promises, with presumably all the rest of the promises being unreal. I think even a child would describe that as lying. As Pat Rabbite once said of his promises, “isn’t that what you do during an election?”. Clearly, Kelly, Rabitte and Labour are on the one page about honesty at election time.”

The most upsetting story I have heard of personally is of one woman who worked for years in Nenagh hospital and now retired, herself left on a trolley when she herself needed care. I met her son coming out from the hospital with tears in his eyes at the indignity that woman was subjected to after so many years of loyal service.”

My canvass in the southern end of the county has also thrown up such stories. Too many of them. The health service has gone from bad to worse in the last number of years. This didn’t happen overnight.”

Labour has traditionally been pointed out as the party that would care for the elderly and the weak, and as a counter-balance to the right-wing heartlessness of Fine Gael. They have failed in that role, as they have failed in so much else.”

To the people in the south of our county I say you might be tempted to vote Labour when they promise to look after you. Don’t be fooled. The level of anger at Kelly that has been expressed in the north of our county is from people who know. Trust their judgement.”

We need radical change in this country, through the ballot box, on the 26th. Please vote for change!”

Paddy Ryan