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More Spin and Fake News from Fianna Fail – McGrath, Lonergan & Molloy



Independent TD Mattie McGrath and Independent County Councillors Richie Molloy and Martin Lonergan have accused Fianna Fáil representatives for creating more spin and fake news when it comes to the removal of the Cahir Local Electoral Area from Clonmel Borough District.

The statement comes following a meeting this morning with Minister of State for Local Government and Electoral Reform, Mr John Paul Phelan in Clonmel Town Hall to discuss rational for the removal of the Cahir LEA from the Borough District.

The Minister, along with his Officials and Councillors and Council Officials met to discuss the proposed realignment of the Boundaries contrary to what was decided by the Independent Boundaries Commission.

The meeting had been arranged by Deputy McGrath following reports that the Minister had signed Ministerial Orders prior to Christmas 2018 implementing the changes prior to the Local Elections in May.

“It appears that Deputy Cahill, in a social media post, advised that he had arranged a meeting with Minister Phelan to discuss boundary changes with local Fianna Fáil representatives in a post last Friday. However, the meeting had been arranged prior to this and in fact discussed at this month’s County Council meeting. Deputy Cahill’s post appeared over a week after the Council and officials were notified.  

It would be best practice if the Local Fianna Fail organisation would meet to discuss changes to the boundaries and if they could come to one common position as was not the case this morning in Town Hall. The facts remain; the Borough District of Clonmel is NOT a restoration of the Borough Council, it will not have autonomy as the former Corporation had, it will have less of an area, there are no guarantees that a block grant will be restored and if it will, the funding will be taken out of the County Budget.

This seems to be another deal drawn up by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael in the confidence and supply agreement and while we all would like to see a return of the Borough Councils, the decision to make Clonmel a separate Borough District is merely a gesture and without its own autonomy, we believe it is a downgrading of the Town. Let’s be clear, this is not a return to the Borough Council as we knew it prior to 2014.”


McGrath calls on political parties to form grand coalition



“The time has come to consider forming a National Government,” Mattie McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has said that strong consideration must be given to the idea of forming a National Government in order to avoid destabilising level of political impasse. Deputy McGrath went on to say that such arrangement could utilise the d’Hondt method as a fair means of allocating positions and seats within such a government :

“Given that we are in such unchartered territory and given the absolute necessity of ensuring we have some kind of political stability for our people, then I believe all options should be considered with respect to government formation.

The single most important objective here is that we create conditions where the needs of the people can be met.

It is time to set aside narrow political interests and to put the needs of the people first.

If that involves all parties and groupings in the Dáil compromising in order to agree a common government platform, the maybe that is something we ought to consider.

This election has sent the political class a clear message from the people; they want delivery, they want results.

We all should be courageous and imaginative enough to consider any option which will bring that about including that of a National Government,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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Lowry Welcomes Funding for Tipperary Animal Welfare Organisations



I welcome the announcement from the Department of Agriculture today that six Tipperary Animal Welfare Organisations will benefit from €86,000 between them.

Applications for 2020 funding will be open soon. All applicants must be registered with the Charities Regulator.

Cappanagarrane Horse Rescue, Mullinahone – €6,000

Great Hounds in Needs, 7 Cois Coille, Kilcash, Clonmel – €2,000

Mo Chara Animal Rescue, Ballygemmane, Thurles – €14,000

PAWS Animal Rescue, Mullinahone – €45,000

Roscrea SPCA, Roscrea – €18,000

The Haven Rescue, Tipperary, C/o 26 The Haven, Roscrea – €1,000

Funding for Animal Welfare Organisations is vital for them to continue to carry out their work.

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The people will no longer tolerate political excuses for lack of delivery – Mattie McGrath



Independent TD Mattie McGrath has warmly thanked the people of Tipperary for renewing their confidence and trust in him after he was re-elected following Saturday’s General Election. Deputy McGrath, who received 13, 064 votes in the 2016 General Election increased his vote this time around to 15, 127. Speaking after his re-election he went on to say that the outcome of the national vote was a clear and unequivocal rejection by the public of the arrogance and unwillingness of the Fine Gael and Fianna Fail to effectively respond to the core issues affecting the majority of ordinary people’s lives:

“At the outset I want to salute and warmly thank the great people of Tipperary for renewing their trust in me.

I am truly humbled by their confidence and will do everything in my power to honour the mandate they have given me by representing their interests in Dáil Eireann.

I also want to thank the amazing work of my entire campaign staff; my Campaign Manager and daughter, Triona O’Flynn, my wife Margaret and all my family and friends who have sustained me and supported me and without whom I simply could not do what I do.

They have worked tirelessly, night and day, to canvas the enormous geographical area of Tipperary and to meet the people on my behalf when I could not be there personally.

As we go forward from here, I think it is absolutely clear that politics in Ireland simply has to change.

It must re-engage with the day to day priorities of people’s lives especially around health and housing.

The government, whoever it will be, must listen and act in the people’s interest. It cannot be politics as usual once they have their feet under the Ministerial tables.

We must rid our politics of the kind of elite detachment that came to characterise the outgoing government.

We must escalate change and bring about genuine improvements in the quality of life of our people. The people are sovereign. The last government ignored that basic political reality by pushing ahead with failed policies, massive over-spends and a culture where accountability was almost completely absent.

The people have now enforced accountability upon them in the most democratic way possible.

I look forward to playing an active part in the talks that lie ahead and to advancing the interests of the people of Tipperary,” concluded Deputy McGrath.

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