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Lowry Calls for Immediate Governmental Action to Resolve Garth Brooks Fiasco

Deputy Michael has called on the Government to immediately intervene to save the Garth Brooks event in light of the huge potential benefit to the economy and the willingness being shown by all sides to resolve this matter.


Deputy Lowry stated;

“The Government should now belated intervene by way of amending emergency legislation to allow for an appeal.  It is obvious form comments made on all sides of the argument that there is a willingness to find a resolution on a once off basis, if the government would facilitate such a move by way of a legislative approach. This could be done effectively and immediately with cross party political support.”

“The Government were out of touch on this issue. They should have grabbed the initiative and saved the event in the interest of the economy and Ireland’s reputation both at home and abroad. The negative publicity about our bungling of this massive event has got worldwide coverage and makes us look extremely foolish in the eyes of the international entertainment industry. The Government lost a golden opportunity because they were distracted and preoccupied tangling over the distribution of ministerial positions.”

“I am now calling on the Government to give this matter priority and urgent attention.”