Govt Must Clarify Status Of Existing SEAI Retrofit Applications – Cahill


Fianna Fáil TD for Tipperary Jackie Cahill has called on the Environment Minister to clarify whether homeowners who signed up to the Deep Energy Retrofit Scheme issued by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) will be reimbursed for work they have carried out on their homes.

The SEAI has confirmed that the scheme has run out of funding, with the demand far exceeding the level of funding available.

Deputy Cahill said, “This is just the latest case of Fine Gael mismanagement its own policies. Only a few months ago the government launched a Climate Action plan with higher retrofitting targets and now today we have confirmation from the SEAI that it has reached its funding limit for this year and that new applications cannot be considered.

“People living in Tipperary want to play their part in reducing emissions and tackling climate change, but the government’s low level of ambition is preventing them from doing that. The demand for this deep retrofitting scheme is a clear indication that people are willing to make the necessary changes, but they need to be able to access supports to carry out what can be very expensive works.

“Just like the Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan this Fine Gael government seems happy to don the hard hats, pose for photos, and announce new projects but the substance is not there.

“Now homeowners are losing out because the government failed to provide the necessary funding for this retrofitting scheme. Some people, who have been in the evaluation process for months, had already begun investing in their home to make it more energy efficient. They may not get that money back if funding is not made available.

“Minister Bruton needs to urgently clarify the situation for families who have already committed to these works, and when a new retrofit scheme will be put in place,” concluded Deputy Cahill.

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