Former Labour Councillor Virginia O’Dowd calls for people to support Kelly

By Virginia O’Dowd

I am calling on the voters of Tipperary to support Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, in this Friday’s election by giving him their Number 1 preference.


Alan Kelly has delivered for Tipperary, and not just for Nenagh. He has brought much-needed jobs to Nenagh (First Data, Pipeliner, Silvermines hydro-electric storage will bring around 800 jobs); to Thurles, Cashel and Roscrea. All told, Tipperary is over 1,200 jobs better off than it was not just five years ago, but 20 years ago. Never has so much investment being brought to the county. This will have spinoffs for our shops, schools and construction industry.
Minister Kelly also worked hard to get improvements to many of our primary and secondary schools, in some case, communities are getting new schools. Education is key to improving everybody’s chances in life and is a tenet of Labour policy.

He has brought over €4m in investment to Nenagh Hospital, and has worked to build a new HSE-funded nursing home in Nenagh and Cashel while also guaranteeing that Dean Maxwell in Roscrea is secure.

In housing he brought in retro-fit for many old houses, making them cheaper and more efficient to heat. He has announced billions for house building. The construction industry – private and public – collapsed under the FF Government. Houses can’t be built overnight, but a start has been made by providing the funding.

The Labour Party became part of the Coalition Government five years ago when the country was broke and our reputation sullied by Fianna Fail over a long number of years. Its first task was to restore the country’s good name, which it did at European and global levels. Alan was chosen as Junior Minister for Transport and delivered incredible changes in our public transport system.

Give Alan Kelly the chance to keep Tipperary at the top table by giving him your Number 1.