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Tipperary’s Cold Comfort from Minister Kelly’s Council Funding

Minister Kelly has assured us that no local authority will get less funding than it got in this year 2014.

But his government has reduced government funding to Tipperary local authorities by over 20 million Euro or 48% since it came to power in 2011. But the situation is even worse than Minister Kelly says. The same funding as last year includes the proceeds of the property tax which the people of the county have paid themselves. That means that the actual government contribution will be even less than the very low level provided this year!

The extraction by Alan Kelly’s government of over 20 million per year out of the economy of County Tipperary is a huge factor in depressing the local economy. North and South Tipp are in the highest regions of unemployment in Ireland according to official figures.


Now from October 1, every time you fill the kettle you will be charged for water!

This will extract even more money from the local economy causing further depression and crucifying already hard pressed people. According to the Nevin Economic Research Institute, the poorest 10% are paying a higher proportion of income in tax than the top 10%!


WE are already paying for water and other local services, through general taxation, direct and indirect. Now we are being forced to pay again through these charges for services which have been reduced by government cuts.

This money is being diverted to pay part of the 8 billion per year interest which recent governments have incurred through bailing out billionaire investors in bust banks. Local property Tax and Water Charges are devices to make the ordinary person pay for bailing out banks.

Minister Noonan has told me that the top 10,000 income earners have 595,000 Euro per year EACH. Minister Kelly and his government should take the money from them and use it to abolish home and water taxes and stop attacking already hard pressed families.