‘Rocky’ McGrath Expresses his Thanks

Following the recent local election John ‘Rocky’ McGrath has expressed his sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all who voted for him, and to his family, supporters and all well-wishers. While disappointed to lose his seat Rocky McGrath has pledged his continued support to all in his area.


Rocky McGrath stated;

“While unfortunately the election did not go my way, I am hugely thankful to all those who helped out with the campaign over the last number of months and all who voted for me. I can never repay my family, friends and team for the hard work put in on my behalf. They conducted themselves in an honourable manner at all times, were unfailing energetic and obeyed all the rules in place. I would also like to thank all we met on the campaign trail who showed such courtesy on the doorsteps.”

“It has been a privilege to serve the people of the Newport area over the last five years and I am hugely grateful for this time. I want to thank the staff in the Council who work very hard, and who were always helpful and courteous to me. I wish all the elected councillors every success in the next term.”

“Even though I am not on the Council I will still be working in the community on the ground and will continue to make myself available to the people of Newport and surrounding areas. Through the office of Deputy Michael Lowry and with the assistance of the Lowry Team I will continue to fight for this area.”

“I am very proud to see the work that I secured over the last 5 years continue, to the benefit of the entire Newport area. During my time in the Council I fought for every possible improvement and ensured that a three year roads plan was always in place, the benefits of which are continuing to be seen. Work has commenced on the road at Rootagh with roads at Capparoe and Foildubh set to be completed in the near future. Hard fought for money has been set aside for drainage at Coolruss and Ballinahinch and will also be completed this year. The footpaths around Newport town will be done with development funds, as was promised and planned early this year with the engineers. We secured money for lights and signage outside of the growing Ballinahinch N.S., of which the signage is already in place and lights will be completed at the earliest opportunity.”

“I am very proud of the investment that has been secured for the Clare Glens and would like to thank the County Manager for his assistance in this regard. It is also hoped that the repairs to the beautiful Step viewpoint in the Silvermines will be undertaken very soon. I firmly believe that tourism is way forward for this area. We are lucky to have stunningly beautiful scenery on our doorstep and by securing these investments we are facilitating and encouraging greater tourist numbers.”

“Realignment works are badly needed outside Newport on the Bog Road from Ballymackeogh to Ahearn’s pub. This is one of worst roads in the country and has always been in my plans. At present the Council are in discussions with the landowner and are trying to secure agreement to allow them to proceed with these realignment works in the interest of health and safety.”

“Ballyard, Ballykinale, Ballycahane roads badly need attention and I would urge to the Council to take steps to tackle these issues without delay.”