Martin Lonergan elected first Mayor of Clonmel Borough Municipal District

Independent Tipperary Councillor Martin Lonergan has been elected as the first Mayor of the Clonmel Borough District at the area’s first meeting this morning in Clonmel Town Hall.

Lonergan2The 32 year old Goatenbridge native, who topped the pole in May’s Local Elections for the Cahir/Clonmel Area, thanked his colleagues for the confidence they had shown in him in electing him the first Mayor of the new District. The position of Deputy Mayor for the coming 12 months will be held by Councillor Pat English of the Workers and Unemployed Action Group.

During his remarks Mayor Lonergan said, “It is yet another historic day in our County. Just a few days ago, a new unified Authority under the auspices of Tipperary County Council came into being.

And here this morning, we begin a new era of local Government. We acknowledge the role that over hundreds of years Clonmel Town Borough Council played in the formation of the country’s largest inland town. We remember those who have played an important role in its development and we also acknowledge the loss to the people of Clonmel of their former Borough Council

I am humbled to take up the responsibility of the new Office that lay before me as Mayor of the newly created Borough Municipal District of Cahir and Clonmel. However, I also understand the need for change; though I may not agree with the terms of the change, I will proceed with its implementation.

We were elected by the people of Cahir and Clonmel to lead the way in how local government reforms itself in the 5 years ahead. I pledge to all of the people of Cahir and Clonmel to do just that, both in our towns and in our rural communities. 

Growth, prosperity and security are a necessity for both our urban and rural communities to survive. Small and medium sized businesses will be the bed rock of our success. We, as a local authority need to create and build a lasting environment where these can do business, prosper and create jobs. The centres of our towns need to be supported in order to sustain their viability.

Voluntary and community groups are the heartbeat of all our communities. Let us pledge to do all we can to support their work, enhance their facilities so that they can continue to play a pivotal role in our society.”

Continuing Mr Lonergan said, “In recent weeks and months I have been inspired by the many people whom I have met and spoken to and who have displayed a remarkable ability to do what needs to be done on a day to day basis for the good of their families, neighbours and communities.”

“My aim has and always will be to represent and assist all the people of the Cahir and Clonmel areas in whatever way I can and I look forward to working closely with my elected colleagues, and public officials in tackling the challenges that lay ahead of us all,” concluded Mr Lonergan.