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“Irish Water bonus row secures its parasite status,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has described the latest revelations surrounding the bonus culture at Irish Water as the clearest confirmation yet that the organisation is fundamentally parasitic and in need of a radical overhaul. Deputy McGrath made his comments following the continuing public outrage over news that Irish Water’s senior managers on salaries above €90,000 may qualify for a 19% bonus, while those on €70,000 would qualify for 9%:

“This is really going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in relation to the public’s tolerance of Irish Water and the financial impositions it is imposing on hundreds of thousands of families.


It is inconceivable that we can go forward from here with anything like the level of public or political co-operation necessary for the running of such an organisation. It has been a toxic political mess ever since it was rammed through the Dáil and signed into law on Christmas day 2013.

That indecent haste is now coming back to haunt those who simply would not listen to the prediction that this needed to be handled with extreme caution and sensitivity around people’s ability to pay etc.

So we are now in a situation where the frontline people installing the meters, some of whom I have met and know this to be their first job in years, are getting abused and harassed while senior managers sit back and lap up an exorbitant pay related bonus even when they are doing their job half assed.

Next to the crisis in housing this farce of an organisation is becoming emblematic for many of the injustices perpetrated on the Irish people over the last number of years.

They have put up with a lot but they cannot stand by while the very people in charge of implementing these unfair water directives are extravagantly rewarded for aggressively pursuing a payment where no payment can be made because of dire financial distress in a household,” concluded Deputy McGrath.



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