Estate walls in need of immediate repair says local Sinn Féin councillor

“For those unfamiliar with the area these walls are situated outside the garden
walls of the houses and are the same height as the garden walls or in some
instances they are higher in parts. This allows for a standard footpath between
both walls, with what is a significant drop from the walls onto the concrete
footpath. This presents a significant safety concern” said Cllr Black.

“I was contacted by residents and I went to meet them in St. Ailbe’s Drive. I
was told there have been incidents where children have fallen from the walls
while playing. These aren’t merely walls, they continue at a height above the
footpath to provide parking and then join with the road. Nobody is suggesting
anything that will remove residential parking and I stated at the meeting that
any work needs to be done in consultation with residents. We have seen it too
many times in the past where the local authority imposes something on a
community without consultation and that often leads to mistrust” continued
Cllr Black.

Cllr Black concluded by saying “The walls are crumbling in parts and even to an
untrained eye like mine they appear to be in need of repair. I would urge
Tipperary County Council to carry out their assessment and then liaise with
residents to put a safe and acceptable solution in place that will be palatable to

everyone and lead to a safer environment for residents.”