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Cllr Séamie Morris shocked at latest evidence Kelly is uncaring

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Cllr Séamie Morris shocked at latest evidence Kelly is uncaring

Cllr Séamie Morris of Sinn Féin has expressed his shock that Minister Alan Kelly hasn’t the courtesy to meet the President of UCD Students Union to discuss housing, even though he is a constituent. Marcus O’Halloran leads the largest Students’ Union in the country, with over 30,000 members.

Cllr Morris said: “I am appalled that the Minster won’t meet a constituent, whether that constituent is coming as an individual or as the President of the largest Students’ Union in the country. Even more so was I shocked when the meeting was to address housing concerns, which is in Minister Kelly’s brief.”

“Clearly, if Minister Kelly doesn’t know that the accommodation crisis in the student market is actually a national issue, he’s never going to find out by refusing to meet the students who can explain that to him.”

“Tipperary students going to universities and colleges are on unfamiliar ground, and are at the mercy of landlords. In Dublin alone there are 80,000 students attending college from all parts of the country. Just like young families and professionals, they too are priced out of the market. I’d expect the Minister to make it his business to look out for them.”

“I know the Tánaiste also asked him to meet with the Students’ Union President, but that he hasn’t. That’s simply not good enough, when the topic of the meeting is within his brief.”

“Marcus O’Halloran is the President of the UCD union and as he put it, “I’m being met with a blank wall that even the Tánaiste can’t help me over.” That’s not acceptable. This Minister’s arrogance is huge.”

“There are a large number of 18-24 year-olds newly registered in Tipperary. Kelly was amongst the people praising them for their engagement with the Marriage Equality campaign. That’s ironic, since he won’t engage with them.”

“I am optimistic that in their next engagement that they’ll vent their frustration and vote him out of office and out of our constituency. I encourage any students who haven’t yet registered to do so immediately.”

“I have been asked for my help in publicising this latest abandonment of Kelly’s responsibilities, and am happy to do so. We need to grow this conversation until it can’t be ignored, and the insensitivity of the present Government is yet again exposed for all to see.”

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