Cllr Séamie Morris accuses the Mayor Michael Fitzgerald of bullyboy tactcs

by Cllr Séamie Morris

I have for some time been very concerned about the ability of Tipperary County Council Mayor to run a council meeting without reverting to personally insulting people and yesterday was the final straw. There were 3 motions yesterday to do with the subject of Irish Water and the Mayor was obviously uncomfortable with voting against the wishes of thousands of people in Tipperary who have marched in support of the right2water protests.

Nenagh 4 Dec 2014 056

So uncomfortable was he about having to deal with the Sinn Féin motion to close down Irish Water, that he led a coordinated campaign by Fine Gael of trying to associate the thousands of protesters with violent protest. When that didn’t work he reverted to school boy bullying tactics of personally insulting Cllr. Martin Browne.

The Sinn Féin team will be making a formal complaint to the Tipperary CEO about this personal insult but this is now the third time that the Mayor has personally insulted a member of the Sinn Féin team having insulted me twice when he was taken on in the chamber with well researched debate. He obviously isn’t used to been taken on in the chamber so he reverts to schoolboy bullying tactics. These tactics won’t put off the Sinn Fein team in representing the thousands of people who voted for us in the elections. The chamber is going to be a hot place for the Mayor if he continues his bullyboy tactics as Sinn Féin won’t be bullied.