Controversy hits Tipperary Fianna Fáil as bogus text sent to members

Fianna Fáil in Tipperary were cast into turmoil at 7PM today as a bogus text from the offical Tipperary Fianna Fáil account was sent asking voters to vote in a certain way, putting certain Fianna Fáil candidates at a distinct advantage.

Michael Smith

The text prompted Fianna Fáil candidate Michael Smith of Roscrea to take to Facebook. In a post which Smith posted on his Facebook profile, he stated “This is a very important election for our party at this late stage an illegal and unauthorised text has been circulated to people throughout the county seeking to sabotage my campaign. A bogus text has been sent from Tipperary FF directing people not to vote for me. Please ignore this text, it is unauthorised and illegal. We will fight on. Michael.”


The text which Tipperary Times has now received stated “At this stage of the evening for tactical reasons, in this area, please vote 1 JACKIE CAHILL. Continue for S Ambrose & M Smith. Vote Jackie 1. Vote FF”.

A text clarifying the situation was sent shortly after stating “All members please note a recent text message sent out with the banner of FFelection was NOT from or authorised by Tipperary Fianna Fail Organisation and should be disregarded Frank Begley Director of Elections (Sorry for confusion).”

As yet, we are still awaiting an update from all three Fianna Fáil candidates. We will report on the issue further once we have more details.