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Cllr Seamus Morris resigns from Sinn Fein

By Paddy Ryan

The following is a statement by Cllr Seamus Morris regarding this resignation from Sinn Fein.

I am tendering my resignation as a member of Sinn Fein effective immediately.

I am resigning because adequate attention and party process has not been applied to my formal complaint to the Party in regard to a number of serious unfounded and untruthful allegations made by rogue elements in the party. These unaddressed allegations have had a desperate impact on my family and myself over the last number of months.

Due process has not been followed to resolve the situation to a point now, where for the sake of my family and my own health I am leaving the party.

I do so knowing that I have served Sinn Fein well and leave with my core beliefs of honesty and integrity being fundamentally intact. It is with regret that I say that I have no faith in the Sinn Féin process of investigation. Any further participation in this [investigative process] will be through my own legal counsel.

Since being elected by the people of Nenagh, North Tipperary and Tipperary County Council constituencies, I have represented the people and helped resolve the pressing issues facing our community.

I topped the poll in my first local election in 2004. I had the honour to serve as Mayor of Nenagh with distinction twice; I have assisted to grow the party support substantially in the County. I secured the first County Council seat for Sinn Fein in over 50 years in the County in 2009 and was proud to have played a key role in substantially growing the vote from 400 to over 6750 in the [last] General election. I really want to thank the many people in my community who have given me amazing support and to those individuals who helped me achieve significant goals in the past.

However, having been subjected to a litany of bullying behaviour by some party members seeking to stymie honesty and transparency, I cannot continue to support or be a member of the Sinn Fein party.

Honour and honesty are integral to the way I have always lived, acted and worked on behalf of my constituents and to continue to do so means removing myself from a situation which has sought to compromise that.

I look forward to continuing to work hard on behalf of my constituents, and with the help of my supporters and family friends will now renew my focus on striving as I have always done to do what I do best – working on behalf of the people who elected me and striving to get the best for my community.

That means serving my constituents with the same vigour that I am well known for, whether that is spotting opportunities for clubs and organisations to better themselves or enhancing the economic viability of the mid-west region.

I want to wish my former Sinn Fein colleagues on Tipperary County Council the best into the future. They are fine advocates for their constituents.

Yours Sincerely,

Seamus Morris MCC

Paddy Ryan