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The Agenda for today’s meeting of Nenagh Municipal District 19.09.2019


1. To note Minutes of July Meeting held on 18 th July, 2019.

2. To note Action Plan arising from July Meeting.

3. To receive briefing from Environment Section.

4. To finalise items for discussion at TII Meeting to be held on 5 th November,

5. Allocation of Funding 2019

a. To approve grants to Clubs & Organisations
b. To approve grants to Residents Associations

6. To update members on projects and events:

a. Newport Town Park
b. Nenagh Tourist Office & Town & Village Renewal – Banba Square
c. Nenagh 800/Nenagh Castle
d. Historic Towns Initiative
e. Town Revival Initiative
f. Enterprise Towns
g. Twinning
h. Emmet Place/Mitchel St.
i. Nenagh Digital Hub/Innovation Centre
j. Bord Gais Project
k. Major Roads Projects

7. To note the date for the Community Policing meeting

8. To receive update on Roadworks Programme.

9. To note Engineer’s Checklist on roads matters.

10. To consider Notices of Motion.

Notice of Motion No: 1732 submitted by Cllr. Phyll Bugler
I hereby request Tipperary County Council to unblock drains in Shoreside Estate,
Ballina. These drains are clogged for a long period of time due to heavy rainfall.

Notice of Motion No: 1733 submitted by Cllr. Phyll Bugler
I request Tipperary County Council to install a railing on Washerwoman’s Bridge in
Riverside Park, Ballina, in the interest of safety.

Notice of Motion No: 1734 submitted by Cllr. Phyll Bugler
I request Tipperary County Council to install reflector lighting on small footpaths at
Bridge in R496 in the interest of safety.

11. To note Delegated Employee Orders for the Nenagh Municipal District.

12. To consider items of Correspondence.

13. Votes of Sympathy/Congratulations.

14. Any other business.​

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