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Tipperary Boxing Notes – January 9th


Photos of Ballyduff Tournament in Kerry last night.

Well done to all our lads who did us proud to say the least.

Kyle boxed a three way looked really good some super footwork and movement also landing shots with precision only 8 years old. Johnaton boxed O’brien from Viking boxing club and used his southpaw combos to perfection and dominated all three rounds very impressed with him last night.

Jimmy boxed a three way with his new buddy Micheala and another boy from Viking bright future ahead for all three the looked very comfortable and enjoyed there boxing. John Paul boxed a good boy from Ballyduff and did very well coming on nicely defence was better and punches more accurate.

Last up Darren Crowe v Aaron Mcelligott from Cashenvale BC two National level boxers with Irish Titles and it was a great match up. Respect shown by both boys both having different skill sets which made it something really good to watch. At the end of three even rounds the crowd showed there appreciation and the contest was declared a draw. So all enjoyed there trip to Kerry and thanks to Ballyduff BC for the invite.

Thanks Chris Toomey for getting us on the show really appreciate it😉.

Well done also to all the Tipperary boxers we traveled with they are a great bunch