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Morris to raise Housing Questions at next Municipal Meeting


Cllr Seamie Morris of Sinn Féin has been fighting for improved housing standards for the people of Tipperary since he was elected. Speaking to Tipperary Times Cllr Morris stated that he hoped to raise a number of key questions of the housing staff at the next Municipal Meeting.

I asked Cllr Morris to clarify the issues he would be raising. He stated the key points are:

  1. Update on tenant purchase scheme
  2. How many people are in emergency accommodation in this municipal area
  3. An update from the last Homeless action team meeting
  4. A discussion on the income limits for people to get on housing lists
  5. A breakdown of any council owned land bank in this municipal area and how many if any council houses are being built in the area
  6. A breakdown of the vacant council houses in the area
  7. A breakdown of the number of people in our area awaiting housing grants by length of time and priority and how many people are awaiting housing extensions by length of time
  8. How is the HAP working in our area HAP rent limits etc
  9. How many people on our housing list
  10. Breakdown of the money to be spent in our Municipal area in 2016  from the housing budget by programme
  11. Amount of people on our housing lists by length of time

Cllr Morris hopes that by raising these key questions, that greater standards will be achieved for the residents of County Tipperary


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