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Morris remains defiant despite rogue element in Tipperary Sinn Féin


Tipperary Sinn Féin has been in turmoil recently and has resulted in the expulsion of popular Cllr Seamus Morris. In a move by Tipperary Comhairle Ceantair, a motion was passed to express no confidence in Cllr Morris without consulting members or local Cumanns that such a vote would be taking place.

Cllr Morris has been left deeply stressed by the move which he sees as an attack on his character and reputation which he built by helping people in the Nenagh Municipal District.

Speaking to Tipperary Times, a clearly worried Cllr Morris spoke about the stress and angst that this has created. “I have been a proud public representative for Sinn Féin for many years. This has created a devastating effect on me and my family, one which I can’t even begin to describe”.

Cllr Morris spoke highly of his history with Sinn Féin but warned about the direction in which the party seems to be heading. “There is a rouge element which has begun to take hold in Tipperary Sinn Féin”, Morris stated. “We have been a party united getting 5 councillors elected to Tipperary County Council with unprecedented success. The feeling of unity is now after changing to one of hatred”.

Due to work commitments, Cllr Morris has been unable to attend some of the Comhairle Ceantair meetings, but has seen minutes which he describes as creating a “toxic and extremely difficult environment” towards him. Having been involved since 2004, Morris claims he has always acted with the highest of integrity and feels the unsubstantiated claims are a bid to darken his good name.

In what may seem to be in the face of adversity, Morris stated to Tipperary Times, that he will fight to protect the party he holds dear. “The proposed motion has not been ratified by head office and as such isn’t binding. This isn’t the first time they (CC) have tried this. I will be liaising with head office regarding this and to restore my good name”.

Speaking about the way in which the “rogue element” has effected the party, Cllr Morris spoke up. “I have a full time job as do other councillors. We work hard to fight for people who find themselves without representation on various boards throughout the county and beyond. We as councillors of Sinn Féin fight for the people of Tipperary and we are proud to do so. It beggars believe, that a number of us are operating within a new toxic and sinister environment within our own party in Tipperary. Instead of supporting us to support the people of Tipperary, they are working against us and trying to bully us. This simply isn’t acceptable. It has caused me great stress as well as some of my colleagues. We’re not going to let these few members within the party undo the hard work we have been doing. Our mandate is to both our constituents in Tipperary and to our local Cumanns, not to these few rouge members.”

While under duress and substantial stress, Morris concluded by thanking his family, friends, and supporters. “It’s in times of adversity such as this, you really appreciate the people you have around you. My family and friends have been fantastic and my supporters stand resolute, and I would like to thank them for their support.”