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McGrath will hold discussions on next Government if approached but not at expense of core principle


Mattie McGrath has been a vocal campaigner on many issues, giving a voice to many campaigns which need political exposure. McGrath campaigned against the last referendum regarding Same-Sex Marriage which 45% of Tipperary voters rejected although the referendum passed. McGrath views himself as a true voice for the concerns of rural Ireland and Tipperary.


Speaking to Tipperary Times this morning, Mattie McGrath moved to clarify speculation linking him to supporting a Fine Gael lead government. McGrath stated “Pat Murphy was out with me on Tuesday as we were doing a vox pop on the doors. I stated Michael Noonan (Minister of Finance) had asked me at least 6 times would I support the formation of a government if needed after the next election”

McGrath went on to say “I would support the formation of a new government in the national interest and also in the interest of the people of Tipperary. I would like to stress however, that I have fundamental issues which I have campaigned on and these issues would be red line issues. I wouldn’t simply jump into bed with a political grouping just to form a government”

“First of all”, McGrath continued “I have to get elected by the people of Tipperary. Fine Gael have already clearly ruled out Michael Lowry. For all we know the next government could be a coalition of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil”

The issue of a red line topic for McGrath was the proposed repeal of the Eighth Amendment (The Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland introduced a constitutional ban on abortion).  “I am not going to go next or near a government who would support a repeal of the 8th Amendment, people know my stance, it couldn’t be more clear. In the interest of Tipperary and the country, I’d support a government to deliver more services for rural Ireland. Ensuring there is no repeal of the 8th amendment is fundamental to me. If I can get a good package for Tipperary and Ireland, I will support a government but not if it comprises my core principles. Ultimately, it will be down to the people of Tipperary, as I need to get elected first”

McGrath continues his bid to be re-elected to the Dáil and it will be interesting to see if he will indeed be in the shake up should independents be required to support the formation of the next government



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