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Cllr O’Meara discusses road improvement works


By Cllr Michael O’Meara

Our rural roads are in a deplorable state because of lack of investment for decades. That said we are tackling the worst of them. We got extra funding this year for storm damaged roads which means extra roads in the Rathcabbin area will be strengthened and tarred in Ballyea Coolross, Ballymacegan at Margurie Ryan’s, a section from the cross at Lordspark down to the Redwood school and church, a section of the main road at Portland towards Bredagh, a section at Farmleigh Riverstown, also roads in Ballingarry, Cloughjordan, and Cappinasmere among others.


I do know there are still a lot of bad roads out there which needs immediate attention but we have a new 3 years roads work program which include a lot of other roads which will be upgraded over the next few years, but I accept it is still not enough.


The only way this situation will change is if we lobby our TD’s in Offaly and Tipperary. We can only upgrade the roads if the TD’s give us the money. Our roads budget has been cut by millions over the past few years.

I requested last July that the county manager raise a state loan to reinstate the roads in Tipperary and pay it back over a period of say 30 years. This would mean we wouldn’t have to look at these roads for a long time or waste money filling potholes with substandard material and the money we save would pay for the interest on the loan. The manager has now agreed to meet with the TD’s in Offaly and Tipperary to discuss this and formulate a plan to solve the problem of rural roads once and for all.

Unfortunately until that happens we will be stuck with bad roads which will get worse with every passing winter!


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