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Tipperary Council leaves road unsafe for road users


Nenagh residents will be aware of the widespread disruption caused in the town due to ongoing roadworks to improve the surface quality in the town. Unfortunately, proper precautions and measures were not put in place after removing the road surface for the safety of people driving along Stafford Street in Nenagh.

Speaking to Tipperary Times on the issue, Nenagh councillor Seamie Morris was somewhat surprised that the road surface was in such poor repair.

“I understand that these works are making major improvements to the town of Nenagh, and are long overdue. That said, road improvements should never put the safety of drivers and their vehicles at risk. The road on Stafford Street was dug out last week but was left over the weekend in a very poor state and the warning signage was very poor indeed. I know of at least one car that has had its sump destroyed by the inadequate downwards  “ramp” which led the car to hit a raised manhole” stated Morris.

Morris went on further to discuss the lack of road markings on newly surfaced roads, “The new road surfaces are a great improvement, but without markings, they are an accident waiting to happen. The town was left with no “roundabouts” or pedestrian crossings in Pearse street on what was thankfully a very busy Spleadór and Taste Of Nenagh weekend, but that meant that hundreds of childrens lives were put at risk due to the fact that the reconstructed streets were left without any markings.”

While these works are ongoing, it is somewhat surprising that the council in Tipperary hasn’t placed sufficient safety measures in place. Cllr Morris spoke out on the matter due to the risk to personal safety of all road users and the safety of their vehicles.