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South Tipp Consultant slams delay in modular unit construction


Independent TD Mattie McGrath has voiced his concern regarding remarks made by South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH) Consultant Mr Paud O’Regan with respect to the cancellation of elective surgeries at the facility as well as the likelihood that the promised modular accommodation will not be delivered in the next year. Deputy McGrath was speaking after Mr O’Regan made the remarks during an interview on RTE Radio’s Morning Ireland earlier today:

“It was absolutely clear from Dr O’Regan’s comments that he fully expects major cancellations of elective surgeries and gynaecological treatments to occur on a rolling basis in the upcoming year.

He spoke about the huge distress this will cause and the additional chaos it will bring to an already over-stretched facility that has not been able to de-escalate from the Full Capacity Protocol for over 12 months now.

When asked if he expected the so called ‘patient hotel’ to be up and running anytime soon, he stated quite categorically that the has almost no hope it will be available before the next Winter Initiative kicks in, at a minimum.

I would have deep concerns around Dr O’Regan’s comments on the cancellation of elective surgeries and I will be asking the Minister and the HSE to clarify exactly what is the position with respect  to this and what alternatives are going to be put in place for those who need priority care.

For Dr O’Regan to go on and describe the operation of the HSE and Department of Health as ‘Stalin’ like is absolutely extraordinary and speaks to the utter frustration that he, frontline staff and patients are enduring on a daily basis,” concluded Deputy McGrath.