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Only ONE Application for GP Position in Thurles in 12 Months


Thurles Cllr Jim Ryan today expressed his amazement and disappointment with the ongoing crisis facing Thurles. With the impending retirement of Dr Healy, the HSE began the search for a new GP.

Speaking with Tipperary Times regarding an update on doctor situation in Thurles, Cllr Ryan stated “The HSE have advertised the post on 5 occasions since February 2016 with only one GP applying who then turned down the job when it was offered to him”.

Ryan continued “There is a new recruitment process ongoing until 17/1/17. If nobody applies the HSE will consider dispersing Dr Healy’s medical card holders to the existing doctors in Thurles. The HSE are meeting with the other doctors next week for talks on this and other matters.”

Given the size of Thurles, it is somewhat surprising that there was only one applicant for the position, and it must be questioned if the HSE are putting adequate resources behind the recruitment process in order to attract the right talent to Thurles.

In another case of rural Ireland being abandoned by the HSE, it is hoped a resolution to the current impasse can be found without impacting on patient safety.