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Yet another horse dies on Tipperary roads


This morning, Tipperary Times became aware of yet another horse to tragically die on our roads outside of Golden.

Sulkie racing has come under intense scrutiny after a litany of horrific treatment of horses. These animals are subjected to inhumane conditions, and tortured by cruel, insolent keepers.

A person in Tipperary who posted a video of this cruelty in action was abused online, and had to remove the video for the safety of her family.

In contrast, farmers, and the vast majority of horse owners are subject to strict rules on animal welfare. These are adhered to at risk of massive fines and imprisonment should the farmers and horse owners fail to meet these standards.

It is now time for politicians across all political spectrums to unite and resolve this matter, as failure to do so, so result in a failure to be returned when they seek re-election.