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Roscrea Local talks of importance of PIETA House


I have for a long time now been very vocal on issues that I care about, homelessness, hunger, mental health etc.

In the past number of months, I have used the services of PIETA House Roscrea, some people may be aware, that last year I lost my son to Suicide, I have since lost 2 close friends, along with this due to a cervical spine injury I am in constant chronic pain, this all became so heavy a weight to carry that I felt there was no way to escape the emotional, mental and physical pain.

mike edwards

I was one of the lucky ones, I am alive today because my GP, Dr E Kolsch, spotted in me the signs of depression and the need for help, a few phone calls later and I was talking to St. Mary’s in Thurles and then PIETA House in Roscrea.

This undoubtedly saved my life, while I still have the pain, all of it, I have learned techniques to cope, I have someone who listens, apart from my wife, and I know that there are people who care.

The ethos of the Men’s Sheds Movement or the Roscrea Men’s Shed in particular, we as men “talk shoulder to shoulder” the lads knew about PIETA House and were supporting me throughout! We have many initiatives, we are here for anyone who wishes to be a part of a positive and progressive group, and to say, we wholeheartedly believe in social inclusion.


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