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Roscrea Community Activists to Build Special Needs Swing


In every town around Tipperary, communities try to provide the best facilities for children to play and enjoy themselves in a fun, safe environment. Sadly, children with disabilities are often forgotten in the development of these recreational areas.

In Roscrea, community campaigner Wally Kirwan, hopes to change that. Wally has started a campaign to install a Special Needs Swing in the park in Roscrea. Speaking to the Tipperary Times, Wally explained the inspiration behind starting such a campaign.

“I have always been interested helping special needs. I done a Sky Dives in the past and I even ran the Dublin Marathon, a 26 mile run for camp. We had a scare ourselves with our 2 year old but all is ok”


Speaking about the need for equality, Wally explained “All our children are the same and loved equally. Some parents have children who may have a disability in one form or another. I feel its important for Roscrea and all towns to have area’s where these children have access to recreational amenities so they too can have fun and share in the enjoyment of childhood and all it has to bring, where possible. This is where the idea came from”

When asked about the swing, Wally went on to say “The swing is for kid’s in a wheelchair, there is a basket in the park for special needs but nothing for wheelchairs, if the fundraising goes very well there could be something else put in”

Wally mentioned his wife Geraldine for praise as she is helping with the fundraising efforts. Wally also wanted to thank St Vincent de Paul (SVP) and Trish Gleeson for helping getting the fundraising efforts underway.

The total being raised is €8,000 for the swing which has already been costed. For those who wish to donate, please click the link here: https://www.gofundme.com/kquta9dw


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