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Morris fury over Council failure to secure NAMA Properties


Morris is furious at the news that Tipperary county council have turned down 148 of the 161 houses offered by NAMA

By Cllr. Seamus Morris MCC

At the moment, I am on family holidays and yet I find myself trying desperately to help people who are facing homelessness for a variety of reasons. These people feel hopeless as they regularly find that there are no properties available to rent anywhere in the county.

The housing staff at Tipperary county council are performing the loaves and fishes miracles daily, but they are having to deal with less and less options for families that are coming at them with very complex housing issues.

With that in mind, I find it galling that it took a national newspaper to inform me that Tipperary county council turned down 148 properties from NAMA and INCREDIBLY stating that 91 of these houses were in areas of no demand.

I know of no area in Tipperary where there is no demand for housing, in fact if there is no demand for them one would have to wonder how they got planning permission in the first place.

As chairman of the Tipperary county council Housing SPC, I have asked Tipperary County Council why the Cllrs were not informed of this and also for a detailed breakdown of were and why the properties have been turned down.

We are most often the first point contact for people with desperate housing difficulties. We need to be able to explain fully to them why Tipperary county council have only accepted 13 out of 161 properties from NAMA in the midst of a housing crisis.