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Morris calls for public to attend 3rd Public Consultation for R498 Realignment at Latteragh


Nenagh native and Tipperary Councillor Seamie Morris has called on the public to attend the 3rd public consultation for the realignment of the R498 at Latteragh. The road which connects Thurles to Nenagh is seen as the umbilical cord of North Tipperary and Cllr Morris was keen to point out the importance of this.

“As we all know the Nenagh Thurles road is an important corridor for the future economic viability of Tipperary. It connects North Tipperary’s two biggest towns and should we wish to make Tipperary an attractive proposition for economic development, it is vital we improve the road infrastructure between these two great towns”

The road realignment works may prove to be controversial as the final route is set to be determined. Morris again pointed out how public involvement is essential to the successful development of local infrastructure to best suit the needs of both locals and those who use the road.

“I am conscious that the public must be kept informed throughout the development process to ensure full transparency. With that in mind, I am encouraging people to attend the Third public consultation on the R498 road realignment at Latteragh which will present the preferred route option of the realignment . This consultation will allow the public to raise concerns or comments for consideration of the route option during the finalisation of the route selection stage. This new realignment is vital to improve the road network in Tipperary ”

Should people wish to attend, the meeting is on in the Nenagh Municipal district council chamber at the Civic offices Tuesday 12th April from 1 to 4 pm.


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