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Bansha to host discussion on Protecting Rural Ireland


Bansha has become the poster village for issues effecting Rural Ireland. A GP Post went unfilled in the town as many applicants found it “financially unviable” to take the position. This left the local people isolated and miles from the nearest access to medical care.

Through the tireless campaigning within the community, the position has now been filled and the community wish to replicate this success throughout the country

It is only fitting that Bansha will now host a discussion on the challenges facing Rural Ireland and how best society can tackle the issues. A grassroots campaign started by Tipperary man, Andrew O’Halloran.

Speaking to Tipperary Times today, Andrew stated “Rural Ireland needs a voice and it is now time to make it happen. A New Ireland can be created where Rural Ireland will have a dedicated voice through the formation of a new “Rural Political Party””.

Speaking about the people he is hoping will attend the event, Andrew went on to declare: “We are seeking like-minded people with a passion for Rural Ireland, people who have their finger on the pulse in their part of Rural Ireland, who want to stand up and be heard as a united organisation. And it is hoped that this is the first step in the creation of Ireland’s only dedicated political party whose sole values are to protect and develop Rural Ireland for generations to come.”

“Rural Ireland needs a dedicated voice, and with your help we can make it happen. It’s time we stood up and made our voice heard and respected. The decline of Rural Ireland has been totally ignored by all Governments of the day. So Please join the movement today before it’s too late.

The aim is to form a New Rural Part For Rural Ireland. Do you have a passion for Rural Ireland? Are you dedicated to saving it from future decline and are you willing to stand up and shout .. STOP!!! If so we need and welcome you to our event”

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The event itself is set to take place in Templeneiry Church in Bansha on Friday 22nd of April at 8PM with all welcomedto attend.

For more information, please email andbansha@gmail.com

Concluding, Andrew was looking forward to the event stating “We will have a number of special guest speakers on the night and we will look forward to welcoming everyone on the night. Please feel free to contact me in advance of the night if you have any queries.”

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