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Agenda for March Meeting of the Carrick on Suir Council



  1. Meeting Summons and Prayer
  2. Minutes of Meetings
    1. Standing Orders Committee 25/02/2016
    2. Monthly Meeting 25/02/2016
  3. Update from Director of Housing
  4. Update from Director of Planning
  5. Town Centre Initiative – Carrick-on-Suir
  6. Schedule of Municipal District Works
  7. District Engineers Report
  8. District Administrators Report
  9. Date of Workshop on Speed Limits.
  10. General Municipal Allocation 1916
  11. Making of grant to Ballingarry Parish Journal Committee
  12. Carrick Municipal District Awards Scheme
  13. Carrick Municipal District Festivals Grants Scheme.
  14. Chief Executive Orders Relating to District
  15. Notices of Motion


Cllr. David Dunne                                                                                           Number 659

That Town Councils be reestablished for towns with a population over 5,000.


Cllr. David Dunne                                                                                           Number 660

That the route from St Bridget’s hospital along Strand Lane, North Quay, and the riverside walk to Bohereen na gCappall be kept free of litter and illegally dumped waste


Cllr. Imelda Goldsboro                                                                                  Number 661

Can the Carrick on Suir Municipal District provide a competition within the district for the Tidy Towns Competition 2016. As there are currently 20 groups participating, this would be a great incentive for all those involved.


Cllr. Imelda Goldsboro                                                                                  Number 662

Would Carrick on Suir Municipal District allow the Memorial garden in Ballynonty and the Historic Village garden in Ballingarry to be covered by the Council’s public lighting costs as the ESB costs are extravagant in comparison to the running costs and it is not viable for these voluntary groups to maintain.


Cllr. Imelda Goldsboro                                                                                  Number 663

Can this District inform the Members of the budget for Tidy Towns 2016 in the South of the County in comparison to the North of the County, as there is a large discrepancy in the allocation for this year.

  1. Correspondence
  2. Any other business arising with the consent of the Cathaoirleach


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