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Dublin – A Tipperary Man’s adventure to Discover the Capital


We are all guilty of it. We plan foreign trips without ever thinking about what could be available at home. Far away hills are green and the continued pursuit of a new experience draws our imagination into planning elaborate expensive holidays where we invariably feel let down as expectations might not have been met.

I have lived and worked in Dublin for almost 10 years now, my life beyond the green lushy pastures of the Golden Vale has been sacrificed for the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. I too thought I had seen it all. While most of us will feel we have seen what Dublin has to offer, mainly due in part to our pilgrimages to Croke Park, we are missing some of the gems of our fair city. After speaking to James Williams of The Finest, we decided to document my experiences of holidaying in Ireland. Our goal is to promote Irish Businesses and Irish Jobs, and showing people the benefit of holidaying at home.

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Not knowing where to start, we got the City Sightseeing bus. I have used the busses all around Europe, why not see what they have to offer in Dublin. At €19 a ticket, it initially seemed a little expensive, but when you try to get from location to location, you suddenly see the benefit of the Red Open-Top bus. The hop-on hop-off bus starts off outside the spire with a number of various routes with various sights dotted on each route. The cold blustery May afternoon wasn’t a deterrent. The bus driver started his engine, and we were on our way.

The bus driver spoken in a strong Dublin accent. His manner and tone throughout gave the impression that Dublin was the city of a thousand welcomes.


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